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  1. Steve Elance
  2. ERP Discussions
  3. Friday, February 16 2018, 11:50 PM
Am trying to configure HTTPs on our PeopleSoft 8.55 region. We are using HTTPs on our 8.53 region but i am having issues with 8.55. Both webservers are on unix and are running successfully. It is more like HTTPs is getting routes to HTTP

Any ideas on why it might be happening or how to fix it..
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Check your webprofile and see if you have Virtual Address enabled. This should be 3rd tab. If you have anything in Default Addressing and Reverse proxy Server, remove it and try it again. Normally this causes issues when you refresh your regions. You can change these values in backend or via PIA. In PiA, you will have to change the web-profile to KIOSK, log in and then fix necessary web-profile virtual address, save it and bounce web-server and start it. It should work normally now.
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