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  1. Steve Elance
  2. ERP Discussions
  3. Friday, March 15 2019, 10:23 PM
Anyone tried using ElasticHQ or Kibana with 8.55? We want to find easy way to manage ElasticSearch.
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Yes, we did use setup ElasticHQ in 8.55x and 8.56x. If you are looking at ElasticSearch admin console, you can use Cerbero also. It is very powerful as well. Best part of Cerbero is that it give GUI option to delete indexes which is not available in ElasticHQ.

Kibana is not supported in 8.55 and 8.56. It is supported in 8.57 onwards. It is very powerful and useful interface. You can integrate it with PeopleSoft PIA or run it stand alone.

Please ping us if you need more information.
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