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SAP Community Voice 17 October 2018 SAP
SAP C/4HANA Suite Enables Businesses and Partners to Transform CRM 17 October 2018 SAP
New Release of SAP Data Hub Accelerates Trusted Data Discovery, Orchestration, and Delivery 10 October 2018 SAP
SAP Developer News 04 October 2018 SAP
The New Open Data Initiative from SAP, Adobe, and Microsoft 03 October 2018 SAP
SAP Community Voice 27 September 2018 SAP
SAP's Guiding Principles for Artificial Intelligence 26 September 2018 SAP
SAP SuccessFactors September 2018 Compass 21 September 2018 SAP
SAP Runs SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central on SAP HANA 19 September 2018 SAP
SAP Cloud Platform Empowers More Than 10,000 Customers to Become Intelligent Enterprises 12 September 2018 SAP
SAP Community Voice 12 September 2018 SAP
SAP Cloud Platform Newsletter 07 September 2018 SAP
SAP Developer News: How to Find the Beauty of OData, Chatbot Integration with SAPUI5, and new tutorials 05 September 2018 SAP
Design Thinking and Intelligent Technologies 05 September 2018 SAP
SAP Community Voice 31 August 2018 SAP
Latest Release of SAP Business ByDesign Unlocks the Intelligent Enterprise for SMBs 29 August 2018 SAP
SAP SuccessFactors August 2018 Compass 27 August 2018 SAP
Companies Get Closer to Customers for Faster Growth Using SAP S/4HANA 22 August 2018 SAP
SAP S/4HANA Cloud Adds Exciting New Capabilities 15 August 2018 SAP
SAP Community Voice 15 August 2018 SAP
Big Data Gets Opioids Off Street, More People Into Effective Treatment 08 August 2018 SAP
How SAP Is Augmenting Humanity to Unleash Economic Growth 13 June 2018 SAP
New Cloud Training and Certifications 12 June 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
Service Robots Use AI to Prep for Close-Ups with Humans 08 June 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
The Latest News from SAPPHIRE NOW 06 June 2018 SAP