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SAP Developer News: SAP Fiori and oData services, SAP HANA Geospatial, SCP Workflow service, Retraining in ML Foundation, new tutorials 30 April 2018 SAP
Are all modern customer experience leaders skeptics? 27 April 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
How Three Businesses Are Using Autonomous IT 26 April 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
The Latest Trends in Customer Experience 26 April 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
Strategies for New Product Success - Ways to Better Plan, Collaborate, and Launch 25 April 2018 SupplyChainBrain
Why You Need to Attend SAPPHIRE NOW 25 April 2018 SAP
What You Want to Know but Haven’t Asked (Yet) 23 April 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
6 Powerful Career Strategies for Women in Tech 19 April 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
SAP Unveils First-of-Its-Kind Pricing Model 18 April 2018 SAP
SAP SuccessFactors April 2018 Compass 17 April 2018 SAP
New Cloud Training and Certifications 16 April 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
Smart Products Can Guide Your Next Big Thing 12 April 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
SAP Completes Acquisition of Callidus Software Inc. 11 April 2018 SAP
Action Required to Continue Participating in SAP Community 11 April 2018 SAP
SAP Community Voice 11 April 2018 SAP
How Fulfillment Technology Is Keeping Pace With 'Fast Fashion' 06 April 2018
Workers at Risk As Robots Set to Replace 66 Million Jobs, Report Warns 05 April 2018
Is AI the Next Digital Frontier? 05 April 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
Understanding Duty Drawback: Is Your Business Eligible for a Refund? 05 April 2018 SupplyChainBrain
Get a sneak peek at research covered at this year’s #GartnerSCC 04 April 2018 SupplyChainBrain
Breaking CX News: New research will make you question everything 04 April 2018 Oracle Retail Newsletter
Amazon Go and the Future of Sentient Buildings: An Analysis 04 April 2018
To Infinity and Beyond With SAP 04 April 2018 SAP
Trouble for Big Tech As Consumers Sour on Amazon, Facebook and Co 03 April 2018
SAP Developer News: SAP HANA express on Google Kubernetes Engine, IoT App Enablement, oData in SAPUI5, new tutorials 03 April 2018 SAP