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SAP Developer News

SAP Developer News
1. SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment Is Live
2. SAP HANA Blockchain
3. SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – Calling EnjoySAP Transactions from SAP Fiori Apps
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SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment Is Live

SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment Is Live

In this blog post, you'll learn not only the fundamentals of ABAP PaaS but also how it can be used to develop stand-alone business apps or extensions to the digital core, be it Cloud or on-prem, S/4HANA or the classical ERP. You'll discover how to extend S/4HANA Cloud with decoupled ABAP code and transform your on-prem ABAP extensions to the Cloud, using decoupled ABAP code. While the focus of this first version of ABAP PaaS are extensions to S/4HANA Cloud, connectivity to on-prem systems (outbound remote function call (RFC)) is planned for later this year. In addition, you can develop services in ABAP and expose them through HTTP(S) or OData. For more information, visit the SAP Community Expert Page or find the trial downloads here.

SAP HANA Blockchain

SAP HANA Blockchain

In this blog series, learn about SAP HANA Blockchain which connects any SAP HANA database to the most popular enterprise blockchain platforms. Read the first blog to get an introduction into the topic including components, how it works and info about the beta program. The second blog provides a technical overview which provides more in-depth info on the components and their interplay, as well as features they enable. It includes the initial steps to get started with SAP HANA integration service. In the third blog in the series, you'll learn how to set up SAP HANA, express edition for use with SAP HANA blockchain. To get your free trial of SAP HANA, express edition, click here.

SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – Calling EnjoySAP Transactions from SAP Fiori Apps

SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – Calling EnjoySAP Transactions from SAP Fiori Apps

There are some additional challenges when calling enjoySAP transactions from the SAP Fiori apps via app to app navigation. For example, a recent customer experience showed that trying to launch SAP GUI transaction ME29N directly from the Semantic Object based List of Links in SAP Fiori app Monitor Purchase Order Items didn't meet expectations. These challenges can be overcome as explained in this blog post. You'll learn some tips about List of Links dialogs and how Target Mappings work as well, which will help you with other Fiori for S/4HANA scenarios.

How to Find an SAPUI5 Application Component Quickly

How to Find an SAPUI5 Application Component Quickly

It's often a challenge to find the correct component and log the incident under the correct component so the expert team can follow up quickly and provide a fast resolution. In this blog, you'll discover a quick way to locate the component of an SAPUI5 application so the incident can go to the correct team quickly. Note that these steps apply only to SAPUI5 applications and only if the SAPUI5 application has a support component defined. To learn more about SAPUI5 and to start building your first SAPUI5 app, follow the steps in this tutorial.

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