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November Compass from SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors - November Compass
SAP SuccessFactors - November Compass SAP


The Compass


From SAP SuccessFactors




Hello Readers,

This month is all about appreciation -- of knowledge, sharing, and time.  Below we offer you quick tips, opportunities to share what you know, and invite you to appreciate others with kudos or a thank you.

Let us know if you have questions or want to contribute future content at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Customer spotlight






Danielle Kneipper, HR Systems Administrator for Crocs, Inc, shares her company's experience preparing for People Profile by migrating from legacy Leave of Absence to the Time Off for Leave of Absences.  Thank you Danielle, for being so proactive and then letting us learn from you!  Listen here.




Road to the release 





Latest Release

Preview Release took place November 2.  Take advantage of the next few weeks to explore materials related to the new features -- including NEW test cases for key features -- here or point team members who are not in the community here for highlights.




Community and peer to peer connection




281419 Collaborate2 R Blue


Sharing and gratitude

Learn how to quickly and easily help one another, and then focus on saying THANK YOU

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In just one line...

Learn and share about targeted product features in the coming months with our new Quick Shares.  Our first, of course, is all about thanks.

Can you help?  These are questions posted to our product forums seeking advice from other customers.  Has anyone...

Built an e-signature report they can share (Learning)?

Developed Level 3 Evaluation questions (Learning)?

Managed pre-employment checks without First Advantage (Recruiting)?

Developed generic header, footer, and background code for use with Jam's customizable email feature (Jam)?




Product Pointers





281239 Design Thinking R Blue

What kind of documentation and training do you offer your users?  We'll use the information to further develop our user assistance and enablement roadmaps. Sign up for our upcoming Customer Advisory Panel.

281429 Collaborate3 R Green


Participate in new research related to how external workers are sourced, managed, and engaged.  Learn more

283024 Collaboration People3 R Green


Onboarding customers, consider joining our expanded Onboarding 2.0 Beta program.  Learn more.

282254 P Wand R Green


Learn about cool new Platform features to help you find and manage Business Rules.




Innovation ALERTS





281002 Cogs R Blue

Fiori UX universal push to production in Q4

The Fiori User Experience including Fiori UI, Homepage and People Profile will be applied to production environments on 8 December, one week after the Q4 production release. Customers who have NOT enabled these features will notice the change in their production environment(s). View the Community and SAP Help Portal details.


282726 Approved R Blue

Role-based permissions universal push in 2019

Role-Based Permissions (RBP) allows you to define and manage field-level permissions across the SuccessFactors HCM suite, and is required for developments like the Fiori UX and Data Protection & Privacy features as well as new capabilities coming in 2019. We will require all customers to use RBP by May 2019. Start your RBP migration today and leverage guidance provided on the Customer Community and SAP Help Portal.  Opportunities to engage with experts will be announced soon to support your migration.


281001 Cloud R Blue

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides privacy and data integrity between communicating applications. SAP SuccessFactors will only support TLS 1.1 or higher to align with industry best practices. We plan to finish our phased TLS 1.0 encryption protocol disablement by end of 2018. Customers using web browsers, platforms or applications that rely on TLS 1.0 must upgrade to TLS 1.1 or 1.2.  Learn more on the Community. Learn about adapting SAP Cloud Platform extensions. Note: This change will NOT impact Outlook integrations.


281421 Chess Piece R Purple

Stay atop innovation

Visit the Customer Community to stay informed of upcoming feature migrations.

Q4 2018: Right to Return Data Model Changes  

Q4 2018: Apply by LinkedIn

Q1 2019: v11 Goal Management

Q2 2019: v11 Succession Features UI

Q2 2019: v11 Career Development and Career Worksheet UI

Q2 2019: Universal application of PMv12A




Support and services




Looking for a quick answer to your product issue beyond the community's forums?  Then let's "chat"...

Have a simple question that seems like it would be better suited for a real-time interactive response? Before you create a support incident, your best bet might be to use our Expert Chat to interact real-time with a product expert within our Support teams.

Learn more.




Research round up






The Best Way to Improve Performance Management Data is to Use it by Steve Hunt, HR Technologist

Hiring automation technology: rewriting the script by Lauren Pytel, IT Pro Portal

2 Ways AI is Redefining Leadership by Steve Hunt

The Human Revolution by Steve Hunt

See more at SAP SucessFactors Research Center








For a summary of product or process related webinars and live events, check the community's Events page and opt in to receive a monthly events digest.

One upcoming event includes...

ASUG Webcast: Is Life Better in the Cloud?

Hear SAP SuccessFactors thought leader Dr. Steve Hunt illustrate how to avoid ineffective self-service solutions and ensure your cloud experience improves performance, morale, and well-being.  Wednesday, November 28, 1PM CST.  Register Now.


Connect with us





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