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July 2021 Compass

SAP SuccessFactors Administrator News & Resources - July 2021 Compass
SAP SuccessFactors Administrator News & Resources - July 2021 Compass SAP


July 2021 Compass Newsletter


Timely News & Helpful Resources




This edition includes a homepage guide, a hands-on demo for NEW Reimagined User Experience, timely alerts, COVID-19 resources, & more.




Learn more.




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Administrator Resources





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Demo for New Reimagined User Experience - SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals

Watch this 15-minute video step-by-step demo of the new reimagined user experience for SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals, here.


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Live Hands-On Adoption Labs for the New Reimagined Home Page

Join us for an exciting Live Hands-On Adoption Lab for the New Reimagined Home Page. In these hands-on sessions, we will walk administrators step-by-step through administering and configuring the New Reimagined Home Page, various features, and setup. There will be four sessions however registration will be limited. The sessions will be held on July 27th, July 29th, Aug 3rd and Aug 5th. Read more. 


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Track Employee Health and Vaccination Data

A new Health and Vaccine Tracking Portlet has been developed to enable you to store and monitor key data. Learn how SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central can be used to track employee health and vaccination data.


284127 Llama R Green

People Analytics: Why Every HR Professional Needs to Be a Myth Buster

Experiences and assumptions must be tested within the current context in each unique business using people analytics. This means using models of actual employee and organization data to test assumptions and gut instincts. Read about why this leads to different decisions and better outcomes for employees and the business in this blog.


281203 Microphone R Green

Telling Your Story with SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics

Data and analytics presented visually make it easier for decision-makers to grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns and are easier for humans to perceive and digest. Check out this conversation that discusses how to use and create stories to share data that may have traditionally been just a report in this blog.


281007 Deliver R Green

Ask an Expert: Three Questions About AI Answered

Hear from Jens Trotzky, head of Artificial Intelligence Technology for Customer Solution Support & Innovation at SAP, about how SAP’s automated support strategy is changing, what an AI mindset looks like, and what to look for next. Read more.




Community Recognitions





288150 People Day R Green

Top Community Contributors

Many thanks and appreciation to all of the outstanding SAP SuccessFactors Community Contributors during the first half of 2021. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills, and expertise as we create a vibrant, interactive, and innovative community. 

The top five SAP SuccessFactors Customer Contributors for the first half of 2021 are AnnCharlotte Solaux, Carrie Veitch, Huang Bumin, Huang Bumin, and Daniel Post! 

In addition, the top five SHuang BuminAP SuccessFactors Support Team contributors are Ananda Azevedo, Elisa Diel, Christopher Nye, Katrina Cantos, and Soumyadipta Pal!




Executive Connection





281018 Light Bulb R Purple

Accelerating People Transformation with RISE with SAP for Human Experience Management

The new RISE with SAP for HXM offering is designed to help speed up customers' transition to the cloud. Jill Popelka, President of SAP SuccessFactors, shares her thoughts on the new offering in this blog.


284184 Pepper R Purple

Enabling Human-Centric and Data-Driven Workforce Planning

Jill Popelka, President of SAP SuccessFactors, and Irfan Khan, President of SAP HANA Database and Analytics at SAP, teamed up to discuss a new capability that combines people, financial, and operational data in one place so that leaders can discover, visualize, plan, predict, and ultimately make unbiased and data-driven decisions. Learn more.




New Implementation Assets





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Implementation Design Principles (IDPs) provide the leading practices critical to your company's successful implementations. To view the IDP page, navigate to the Community's navigation bar > Resources > Implementation Design Principles or click here.

New IDPs Published

These newly published IDPs provide various recommendations, implementation considerations and more. To learn more, view the following abstract:

SAP SuccessFactors Integration Patterns: Bidirectional Identity Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory




Innovation Alerts




Prepare for feature migrations and deprecations which require additional change management and communication.


281392 Big Data2 R Blue


Reimagined Home Page Within First Half 2022 

Reimagined Home Page will be universally applied to both preview and production environments with our 1H 2022 release. To help you with the transition, we are excited to announce a series of Adoption Labs in late July/Early August, you can find registration information on the Events Calendar. You can also find dates/times and registration information on the SAP SuccessFactors Community.  


284620 Expenses R Blue

Employee Central New Time Sheet User Interface (UI) is Ready to Enable

As part of the First Half 2021 release a new Employee Self-Service (ESS) Time Sheet User Interface (UI) for attendance recording is available and will replace the current UI. This new and innovative UI is part of UX Reimagined and supports accessibility standards and can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.  Learn more about this new UI and begin your transition to it on the SAP SuccessFactors Community.


288125 Favorites R Blue

Enhanced SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Dashboard and Deprecation of Previous Dashboard Announced Within First Half 2021

The enhanced Onboarding Dashboard delivered in the 1H 2021 Release is a simplified experience with improved process efficiency. Some of the other exciting innovations include enhanced search capabilities for new hires, creating the ability to see Form I-9 and E-Verify task status, and improved checklist usability. Please review a demo, What’s New Viewer, and Help Document for more information on the enhanced Onboarding Dashboard.

As we continue to enhance the new Onboarding Dashboard, we will begin the deprecation process of the previous dashboard and no new enhancements will be added. Please watch the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community for an upcoming sunset date of the previous dashboard.


288306 Pride Flag R Blue

Right to Return Composite Data Model Upgrade Scripts Now Available

With the First Half 2021 release, the Right-to-Return upgrade is now available. We strongly suggest customers currently using the legacy Right-to-Return composite data model should upgrade their instances via the Upgrade Center, as soon as possible. This provides the ability for each customer to move to the non-effective dated MDF Right to Return data model. By performing the upgrade on your own, you will have greater flexibility in your planning, testing, and implementation. While not currently scheduled, it is likely to be a universal upgrade in an upcoming release if customers have not upgraded themselves.

For more information, please review the Innovation Alert on the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community page. 


281001 Cloud R Blue

SAP Cloud Identity Authentication (IAS/IPS) Resources

To provide a secure login experience and ensure access to new functionality like Stories in People Analytics, please view helpful resources, migration guidance, and open office hours on the SAP SuccessFactors Community.


282726 Approved R Blue

SAP SuccessFactors Stories in People Analytics – Design Best Practices and Additional How-To Videos

Be sure to leverage the new ‘Visual Formatting Design Guidelines’ resource for best practices on formatting and styling Stories. In addition, we’ve added new how-to videos to help you get the most out of Stories in People Analytics. This functionality, available at no additional cost, requires only a few steps to implement and combines reporting, insights, and dashboards into a truly dynamic environment. To learn more and ask questions, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.


281221 Idbadge R Blue

Use Domain Names Instead of IP addresses for API Endpoints Effective August 2021  

As part of SAP’s commitment to continued investment and enhancement of our Cloud services, SAP SuccessFactors is rolling out several network changes affecting API endpoints across all our datacenters. As a result, SAP SuccessFactors no longer guarantees that our datacenters will maintain a static IP address. Learn more about this change coming in August of 2021, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.


281465 Io T3 R Blue

Attachment Storage Replacement Experience Change Coming to Test and Development Instances Beginning First Half 2021 Release

Previously applied to Preview instances, this experience has been updated in Test and Development instances within the First Half 2021 Release. After July 23, 2021, attachments stored in the Document Management System within a Test or Development instance will be replaced with blank attachments based on a defined retention period. Learn more on the SAP SuccessFactors Community.


281308 Computer R Blue

Learning Native Login Authentication Migration to Identity Authentication Begins  Second Half 2021

The general availability of Identity Authentication Services (IAS) based authentication for Learning user authentication (for both Sites and standard user) is planned for the Second Half 2021 release. You should prepare for this change now by completing your SAP Cloud Identity Authentication (IAS/IPS) set up before the Second Half 2021 release. Learn more.


282556 Rocket R Blue

Legacy Admin Alerts Deprecation and Universal Transition to Admin Alerts 2.0 Within Second Half 2021 Release

Within the Second Half 2021 Release, Legacy Admin Alerts will be deprecated as part of a universal transition to Admin Alerts 2.0. Admin Alerts 2.0 allows administrators to easily manage data integrity and surface certain processes. In 1H 2021, the Check Tool is available for Admin Alerts 2.0 Permissions that will help customer determine what permissions need to be set that were used for the Legacy Admin Alerts. Check out our 1H 2021 release information: Deprecation of Legacy Admin Alerts.


281002 Cogs R Blue

Recruiting Sunset of DPCS 1.0 and how to migrate to DPCS 2.0 Beginning Second Half 2021 Release

Administrators can use Data Privacy Consent Statements (DPCS) to create the consent agreements for their organization. Candidates must accept this statement before entering their data and their DPCS acceptance can be tracked, to ensure they have willingly submitted their data for storage. There are currently two Data DPCS versions; 1.0 and 2.0 but in recent years we began to lay the groundwork on plans to phase out support for DPCS 1.0 and eventually consolidate the feature offering, to the 2.0 version. To learn more about DPCS 1.0 1H 2022 sunset, 2.0 migration and review available resources, visit this SAP SuccessFactors Innovation Alert on the Community.


281132 Stop Watch R Blue

Learning Plateau Question Editor (PQE) Deprecation On Track for Second Half 2021 Release

Learning Plateau Question Editor (PQE) customers must complete their migration to Assessments ahead of the Second Half 2021 release to ensure there will not be an interruption of service, when PQE is deleted in the Second Half 2021 release.   To learn more about the available resources and actions to take ahead of the release, visit this SAP SuccessFactors Innovation Alert on the Community.


282980 Diamond R Blue

Legacy Continuous Performance Management Retirement Within Second Half 2022 Release

Reimagined Continuous Performance Management (CPM) is the latest experience for customers to take advantage of the features and benefits of Continuous Performance Management. The Legacy CPM is planned for retirement within the second half release of 2022. For more details, review the What's New Viewer & CPM Implementation Guide.


284183 Palette R Blue

Employee Central Payroll Pay Statement (Fiori-like) Integration Deprecation Within Second Half 2022

Transition to Pay Statement (Direct) integration is now available. Customers should be using this direct integration instead of using Employee Central Payroll with the Pay Statement (Fiori-like) integration. That is planned to be deleted in Second Half 2022 release. All Pay Statement (Fiori-like) options are affected by the deprecation. Learn more.


284181 Cookie Cutter R Blue

Stay Atop Innovation

For an overview of all active initiatives, please visit and subscribe to the SAP SuccessFactors Community Innovation Alerts Dashboard.

Additional initiatives include:

2021: Second Half

Internet Explorer 11 Browser Deprecation

Universal Compound Employee API Change (Rescheduled)

Integrated External User Migration to IAS/IPS (Date TBD)

Legacy Picklist Management End of Support

2022: First Half

Learning Brand Resource Path Deletion

Learning Sites Login Page and Associated Login Panel to be Deleted

Learning Brand Security Domain Association Deletion

2022: Second Half

Fiori 360 Reviews (New Video Resource)




Virtual Events




For a summary of product or process related training, virtual webinars, and opportunities to influence product features, please check out the SAP SuccessFactors Community's Events & s page and subscribe to our monthly Events Newsletter.


Connect with Us





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