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SAP Developer News: Exploring the SAP BTP New Tier Plans, SAP BTP Development with GitHub Copilot, Sending Notifications from SAP BTP applications to the SAP Fiori Launchpad, new tutorials and more!

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Exploring the SAP BTP New Tier Plans
There’s quite a bit of buzz in SAP Community about the initial release of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) free tier service plans and what it might mean.  In this blog post from Riley Rainey
a> he takes a few minutes to explain what the free tier model for SAP BTP adds to your current SAP BTP landscapes and how you might start exploring it immediately. To learn more about SAP BTP, click here.
SAP BTP Development with GitHub Copilot

GitHub has recently released a technical preview of their new service: GitHub Copilot. According to them, "GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that helps you write code faster and with less work.“ This sounded promising, so naturally, SAP Developer Advocate Marius Obert, was curious how this copilot can be used in SAP-related development projects. This video summarizes his first impressions and shows how you might be able to work with GitHub copilot in your next project.

Display ABAP dumps with SAP Conversational AI in an SAPUI5 application
Start here, with a blog post from SAP Consultant, Bilen Cekic, where he shares his experience building an SAP Conversational AI implementation for an SAPUI5 project. The objective is to help users with their questions, user guides and log errors. To learn more about SAP Conversational AI, click here.
Sending Notifications from SAP BTP applications to the SAP Fiori Launchpad

SAP Developer Advocate, Marius Obert, has just published a blog post to introduce you to a new feature for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) apps: sending user notifications to the SAP Fiori Launchpad. Your business apps can use this capability to inform end-users about events that require their attention – and to offer them a direct option to respond. Get started with SAP BTP step by step tutorials here.

New step by step tutorials

Explore our new or updated tutorials available on the SAP Developer Center:

  • Provision a Stand-alone Data Lake in SAP HANA Cloud: This tutorial shows you how to provision a standalone data lake in SAP HANA Cloud using a trial account. You will learn about the components Data Lake, IQ and Data Lake Files, how to differentiate between managed and standalone data lakes, provision a standalone data lake and how to change the storage capacity of data lake instances.


  • Access a Stand-alone Data Lake in SAP HANA Cloud: This tutorial shows you how to access your standalone data lake in SAP HANA Cloud using a trial account. You will learn the different ways to access your standalone data lake instance and how to connect your standalone data lake using SAP HANA Database Explorer, SAP Interactive SQL ( dbisql) and isql. 


  • Alerts in SAP HANA Database and Data Lake:This tutorial shows you how to o configure and view alerts in SAP HANA Cloud. You will learn an overview of alerts, how to configure, trigger, and access alerts and wow to use the SAP BTP Alert Notification Service (ANS) to be notified of alerts.


  • Create a CAP Application and SAP Fiori UI: Create a CAP application, enhance it with an SAP Fiori UI, and add business logic to it. Add a Launch Page to start the UIs, add roles and authorization checks, and run the application locally.

  • Create a Travel App with SAP Fiori Elements Based on OData V4 RAP Service: Create a list report object page application using your SAP Business Technology Platform trial account and SAP Business Application Studio. The application is based on an OData V4 service built with the SAP ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP) within the ABAP Development Tools environment. Learn how to adjust the UI to your needs by using UI annotations and leveraging the Flexible Programming Model.
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