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Upcoming webinar: Overcoming the Pains in Talent Acquisition

Upcoming webinar: Overcoming the Pains in Talent Acquisition
Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG)

Overcoming the Pains in Talent Acquisition

Thursday, May 4th

2:00 – 3:00pm EST

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“Experience Economy” is the term driving the recruitment industry. Whether enhancing candidate experience, recruiter experience, or employee experience, establishing a positive experience from the beginning is taking center stage.


The present-day recruitment industry is candidate-driven. Many recruiters consider candidate experience to be equally important as a candidate. This is why companies invest in automation to streamline their hiring practices. Similarly, the recruiter experience cannot be ignored. With a traditional hiring approach, recruiters still take 45 days to close a job. But with HR technology, it is a matter of a few minutes.


We’ll take you through:

Some interesting facts that drive candidate and recruiter experience.

How can your company’s career page help increase the candidate application rate and decrease the applicant drop-off rate?

Why HR technology for enhancing candidate/recruiter experience

How automating hiring practices brought about a change

Step away from the hiring hustle and streamline your strategy for hiring better!


Presenter: Joshua Adams, Director of ERP Operations

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