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Cloud Database Report: Let's talk about databases!

Cloud Database Report: Let's talk about databases!open.php?u=80b000dcd583ac894c7c65387&id=c769f4c084&e=6b8ac41067
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Introducing a new podcast on the world of cloud databases


The database industry is full of brilliant, amazing people. It's been my privilege to talk to many of them — including Larry Ellison, Andy Jassy, and Thomas Kurian — as a tech journalist and writer. And now I'm excited to share my conversations with innovators and influencers through the newly launched Cloud Database Report Podcast

My first guest is Edo Liberty, founder and CEO of Pinecone Systems, which recently introduced a vector database for machine learning. With a background in computer science, physics, and applied math, Edo was a researcher at AWS before launching Pinecone. In episode 1 of our new podcast, we discuss the emerging world of vectors and similarity search as a cloud service. 

In episode 2, I talk to Alexa Weber Morales, a writer and editor with Oracle who has a flair for explaining complex technologies in an interesting and accessible way. And Alexa has an incredible side hustle — she's a Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter known for her unique style in salsa jazz!

I'm also a regular guest on the Cloud Wars Live podcast with my colleague Bob Evans where we explore many of the new ideas that come up during our daily interactions with our peers across this fast-moving industry. Have you heard the buzz on data clouds? Here's my take on this hot trend. 

I invite you to listen and share your feedback. You can find the Cloud Database Report Podcast and subscribe on your favorite podcast channels — Apple, Amazon, and Spotify. Thank you! 

John Foley, Editor


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