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How Vodafone Business makes money in IoT | Run tests by breaking things

How Vodafone Business makes money in IoT | Run tests by breaking things
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Week of July 12, 2021

Vodafone Business finds a revenue system for 120 million devices in its worldwide Internet of Things network. Oracle commits to closing the tech gender gap. Also: Chaos engineering uses controlled destruction to find system flaws. And modernize your Java code with these 11 essential features.
“It makes sense to use Oracle to support billing and revenue management, which depends on information that is timely and transparent.”
Erik Brenneis, Internet of Things Director, Vodafone Business
Revenue win
Revenue win
The Internet of Things (IoT) is making the world smarter—but needs a revenue model to meet its potential. Vodafone Business found a powerful platform to manage payments for its fast-growing global IoT network that connects 120 million devices, including cars, smart meters, and agricultural sensors.
Women lead
Women lead
The Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL) program is committed to closing the tech gender gap. “Ensuring that women are working and leading in technology is not just a matter of fairness and ethics—it’s imperative for good business,” says Executive Director Mary Ellen Kassotakis.
Juicy Java picks
Juicy Java picks
These 11 essential Java features are ripe for the picking to help modernize code, including the date/time package to simplify dates and times; lambdas to reduce keystrokes, improve code reviews, and simplify maintenance; and default methods for backwards-compatible changes.
Rethinking sustainability
Rethinking sustainability
As companies rethink business risk after the global pandemic disrupted supply chains, they need to make environmental risk an integral part of their thinking. Sustainability should be part of core business operations, not just a standalone program or collection of projects.
Crash testing
Crash testing
The tech industry could learn from how the car industry has long used controlled crash tests as part of automotive design. To test complex software systems, carefully break things and see what happens. Here’s how to use “chaos engineering.”
Endpoint security
Endpoint security
For its flagship SaaS platform that helps organizations manage and secure endpoints, cybersecurity leader Tanium tapped Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
Hands-on tech
Java for the cloud, and the cloud for Java

Exploring Joshua Bloch’s Builder design pattern in Java

You don’t always need an application server to run Jakarta EE applications

Automate and simplify your deployment of infrastructure and applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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Yescom USA boosts data insights
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HNI modernizes enterprise identity
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Impos cuts infrastructure costs 90%
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Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy: Featuring Larry Ellison
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