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SAP Integration & Extension Suites Product Management Newsletter July 2021

SAP Integration Suite & SAP Extension Suite July 2021 External hanna/alex


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Dear customers and partners,

Welcome to the new edition with the latest news around SAP Integration Suite & SAP Extension Suite.

We hope

you will find this newsletter helpful and interesting. Stay healthy and safe and enjoy reading! 

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What's New 





286786 Appreciation R Green

New Tier Model for SAP Business Technology Platform

We are very happy to announce the launch of the new free tier model. With a growing list of free tier plans compatible with existing services, you can explore SAP BTP solutions more easily than ever since July 1st. It enables you to get the full capabilities of SAP BTP services to quickly develop and deploy productive applications for a specific use case. Developers can learn, understand, and try services while preserving a seamless path to productive use. 

Read the blog & watch the video to learn more

Explore the free tier and sign up now

Sign up for free tier newsletter





282678 Broken Chain R Green

SAP Private Link Service Available

With SAP Private Link service (BETA), Cloud Foundry applications running on SAP BTP with Microsoft Azure as IaaS provider can communicate with Azure Private Link services via a private connection. Learn more.





287127 Audio 2 R Green

New Data Center in Australia

We are very pleased about the recent release of a new region for SAP BTP on Microsoft Azure in Sydney, Australia. This new data center provides an additional choice of deployment options for you as a customer or partner. You can find all available services within this region in SAP Discovery Center.





281087 Stack Boxes R Green

New IBM Partner Package Live in SAP API Business Hub

New content packages from our esteemed partner IBM are now LIVE in SAP API Business Hub, as part of the SAP and IBM Evolution Partnership:

Intelligent Workflow For Lead to Order

Intelligent Workflow For Digital Handover

Intelligent Workflow For Aftermarket Service

Intelligent Workflow For Asset Maintenance





284620 Expenses R Green

New Live Process Content Package: Manage Credit Block on Sales Order

This content package enables Sales and Distribution experts in organizations to accelerate the digitalization of their credit blocked sales order approval process transparently and provide flexibility to meet business requirements.





281244 Four Arrows R Green

New Live Process Content Package: Insight To Action Workflows

This content package contains two workflows and enables customers to configure insight to action workflows in their process visibility scenario. You can extend those workflows to meet your requirements e.g. creating service tickets or email notifications.





281137 Wallet R Green

New Live Process Content Package: Project Budget Approval

This content package enables customers to automate Project Budget Approval and update in SAP S/4HANA or SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Business users can download the project budget template, update and submit it for approval in SAP BTP.





287307 Payment Related Processes1 R Green

New Live Process Content Package: Manage Sales Orders

This content package enables business experts to accelerate the automation of Sales Orders for External Approvals in a transparent approach and provides flexibility to meet business requirements. 




Commercial Updates





284165 Commerce Cloud R Blue Png Buy Option 1

Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) Roadmap is now Released for our Customers

Download the CPEA Roadmap.





283507 Discount Tag R Blue

Promo Campaign now Live on SAP Store – Save 25% off your first Year Subscription

Get discount purchase an SAP Intelligent RPA subscription for a minimum of one year subscription for both:

SAP Intelligent RPA Attended Bot – Minimum 1 block

SAP Intelligent RPA Unattended Bot – Minimum 1 block

Enter promo code ‘IPM25’ at the check out.

Read more.




Customer Success Stories





281244 Four Arrows R Purple

Döhler: Developing New Products Quickly with Kyma Runtime

Find out how Döhler enhanced its sampling processes to improve the user experience and increase speed, efficiency, and flexibility. Read story.





281173 Woman Consumer R Purple

Harrods: Making Luxury More Accessible Using an Integration Platform

Find out more about the value driven results Harrods achieved using SAP Integration Suite.





281418 Collaborate1 R Purple

Pedra Agroindustrial: How Can Expert Guidance Help Optimize the Business?

Discover how Pedra Agroindustrial is exploring the potential of automation through SAP Conversational AI and SAP Intelligent RPA to revolutionize its business processes and enable greater efficiency. 




Blogs and Tutorials





284533 Data Sharing Binary Code R Orange

Build an Application End-to-End using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

Start in your local environment, create UIs and deploy your applications to SAP BTP. Start the tutorial.





281281 Binary Code R Orange

Video Introduction to SAP Master Data Governance, Cloud Edition

See how SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition can act as an accelerant in your master data management journey.





288135 Sap Hana Cloud Adaptive Server Enterprise R Orange

Pre-built Workflow Content

SAP Workflow Management has now two new workflow templates to manage external approvals and handling credit limit check failure for the sales order (standard order) in SAP S/4HANA (on-premise and cloud). Read the latest blog.





281018 Light Bulb R Orange

Collaboration between SAP Translation Hub & Product Support

SAP has its own machine translation offering into 90 language pairs, specialized on SAP-related content. You can translate documents by using the Document Translation Service. Read blog.





288125 Favorites R Orange

Gain Visibility into SAP Ariba Procurement Processes

The Process Visibility capability enables business users to gain real-time insights into processes that are executed in a heterogeneous landscape and much more. Read the blog post for the details.





286463 Crate R Orange

SAP Content Agent service

Read the blog to see how SAP Content Agent Service helps ease transport of API Management Content.





288152 Intelligent Pra Eureka R Orange

“Let’s Talk Chatbots!”

SAP Conversational AI kicked off a new video series where you can get insights from SAP partners, customers, and employees to learn how chatbots help companies to take the lead in the conversation-driven economy by transforming user experiences. 





281342 Wi Fi R Orange

Smart Sensing powered by SAP IoT

Video: Improve customer satisfaction by avoiding out-of-stock situations and increase process efficiency by automatically triggering ‘goods receipt’ in SAP S/4HANA as soon as the delivery arrives.




282893 Collaboration R Orange


SAP SuccessFactors Identity Integration with Microsoft Azure AD

This guide explains how a customer landscape can evolve from SAP on-premise with SAP Identity Management to an integrated landscape with SAP Success Factors.

283060 Chatbot Ai R Orange


Automated Interview Scheduling with a Chatbot

By combining SAP Intelligent RPA and SAP Conversational AI low code capabilities, find out how a talent acquisition executive is now able to streamline the entire interview scheduling process. Watch video.




283022 Collaboration People1 R Orange


How to Setup Multiple Identity Providers for SAP Analytics Cloud

This blog demonstrates a solution on how to configure a central identity provider functioning as a proxy to delegate authentication to corporate identity providers.

281304 Clapperboard R Orange


SAP BTP Extension Generators: Authentication and Authorization Tutorials

Check out our new video tutorial series about SAP BTP extension generators. In this tutorial, we zoom in on the security aspects of authentication and authorization for business applications.




SAP Discovery Center





282556 Rocket R Orange

Check Out Our New Missions in the Discovery Center

Boost Retail Business with a 360° Demand Analysis (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Extend SAP S/4HANA Business Processes on SAP BTP by Leveraging DevOps

Enhance asset maintenance planning with simulation of risk and cost









287127 Audio 2 R Green

SAP Integration & Extension Talk

Episode 73 is about the purpose and importance of the SAP BTP ABAP environment, DevOps in the ABAP world and CI/CD options for customers working on S/4HANA and SAP BTP ABAP environments and other change management options. Subscribe to the monthly podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast or Spotify and enjoy!





281203 Microphone R Green

openSAP s

In Episode 17 we talk about how we can develop strategies to exceed your expectations, delight new and existing customers alike, and get everybody excited about our brand!





286202 Robot 1 R Green

SAP AI Business Services

Episode 10: AI Infused Business Services can help your company build competetive advantage. Listen!




Events and s





282073 Fans R Blue

New SAP API Business Hub LinkedIn Live

Accelerate your integrations, extensions, and innovations. Watch the replay of an exciting expert discussion around the new SAP API Business Hub, how it can support your intelligent enterprise, and evolve your SAP BTP implementation. 

Find all highlights in this blog.





281453 Idea4 R Blue

Join us in the SAP Garage

We are live and back in the garage on August 4th! Connect with topic experts and learn how you can create a launchpad site and add SAPUI5 and/or URL apps. View the agenda and subscribe to the SAP Garage series.





283051 Girl Girl Tech Education R Blue


The women in Automation series continues with the inspiring Archana Shukla from the SAP Workflow Management team. Swipe through to get to know her and her career journey in automation technologies.





282777 Recognition Program R Blue

Innovation Workshop: MaxAttention

Experiences and learnings about advancements in how the SAP BTP can accelerate the transformation to an Intelligent Enterprise were shared and discussed with SAP Premium Engagement customers. See blog and recordings.





282980 Diamond R Blue

SAP's Intelligent Technologies at SAPPHIRE NOW

Learn from Daniel Laverick, Head of SAP & IT Solutions at Zuellig Pharma, how they achieved process intelligence during the pandemic with SAP Intelligent RPA and SAP Conversational AI. 

You missed a session? No worries! Watch the SAPPHIRE NOW replays here!





288546 Glocal 2 R Blue

Fundamental Conference

Fundamental Library is an open-source library that is driven by the SAP community to provide consistent user interfaces across web applications. Join us at our first global virtual conference on August 11!




Let’s Run Better Together!






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