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SAP Developer News: Upgrade your tools for ECMAScript in UI5, Calling S/4HANA APIs from SAP Build Apps, a New Podcast, Domain Services in CAP, Python and Jupyter in SAP BAS, Hot Dev Summer, new tutorials, upcoming events and more!

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SAP Developer News


Upgrade Your Tools for Modern ECMAScript in UI5
Beginning with OpenUI5 and SAPUI5 1.116 (planned for July 2023), UI5 framework libraries will start using modern ECMAScript syntax in their code and define 
lPWVtYWlsLXNtYyNzcGVjaWZpY2F0aW9uLXZlcnNpb25z&_K13_=468&_K14_=934262fff9ca9ba9f24e0f981b7cfe28aa7ddfac0f153116dda7deddf20737f1" title="Specification Version 3.0"> Specification Version 3.0  in their UI5 Tooling configuration. Read this blog post from Merlin Beutlberger to find out how to upgrade.


Your Guide to Calling S/4HANA APIs from SAP Build Apps
SAP Developer Advocate Daniel Wroblewski decided to explain how you could make S/4HANA API calls simpler – and take advantage of the recent features, and still get the schema you want. In his blog post is all you need to know about calling S/4HANA from SAP Build Apps, for both GET and POST requests. Strap in!


There’s a New Podcast in Town!

Learn how businesses are using mobile tech to transform their work and deliver value to their employees. Whether you're an IT pro, a business leader, or just interested in tech and work, explore the exciting world of mobile technology on this podcast SAP Mobile Matters. Each episode focuses on one of three themes: Colleagues Behind Mobile, SAP runs SAP Mobile and Customer in the Spotlight. Make sure you subscribe now!


How to Keep Your Business Logic Consistent by Using Domain Services in CAP
When your application built with the SAP Cloud Programming Model starts growing, you’ll notice that certain behaviour should be shared across your CAP services. You want to have a single source of truth for your core business logic. Ulrich Bestfleisch decided to establish a layer of domain services to solve this problem and he explains how that works in his blog post.


Python environment with Jupyter in SAP Business Application Studio
SAP Developer Advocate Witalij Rudnicki explains how to persist in the Python environment when using Jupyter in SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) through a restart of the BAS Dev Space. Check it out here.


Hot Dev Summer
This summer will be hot for developers with  UI5con  and  reCAP 2023 in July. This time with a clear focus on an actual onsite conference experience. For our friends from UI5 this means “back to the roots“. For the CAP community, it means a new chapter (as reCAP was born when the pandemic hit). What are UI5con and reCAP? Read this blog post from Sebastian Schmidt.
Latest step by step tutorials

Explore our new or updated tutorials available on the SAP Developer Center

  • Query Databases Using the SQL Console in SAP HANA Cloud Central: In this tutorial, you will see how the SQL console can be used within SAP HANA Cloud Central to quickly query a selected database. You will also learn how to open a SQL console, specify the credentials, and set the current schema as well as an overview of the functionality provided in the SQL console.
  • Troubleshoot SQL with SAP HANA Database Explorer:In this tutorial, you will explore the available tools to help diagnose and debug SQL or SQLScript, as well as the tools available to assist in performance analysis (explain plan, SQL Analyzer).
  • Build an SAP CAP Application to Access SAP HANA Cloud, data lake Relational Engine:In this tutorial, you will create an SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) application in SAP Business Application Studio that queries data from an existing data lake, Relational Engine table. The data lake, Relational Engine instance must be SAP HANA-managed.
  • Create a Sales Order Business Process:  In this tutorial, you will create a SAP Build Process Automation project, create a process that automates sales order creation and approval, and create an API trigger to integrate with any applications like SAP Build Apps, CAP etc.
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  • ABAP Cloud – RAP Extensibility:video
Upcoming Events

Take a look at our upcoming virtual and in-person events in the SAP Community Events Calendar


SAP CodeJam: Yes, they are back in 2023 and you can keep a track of them here. You can also join the SAP CodeJam Community group to discuss & request an SAP CodeJam.


SAP Stammtisch: Brought to you by SAP Community members, the SAP Stammtisch is an informal meetup where everyone can participate, SAP users, developers, consultants and architects - come and join us. Get the details in this latest list and join your local group.

SAP Developers Podcast

Check out regular curated news and technical product information for developers.

Upcoming Live Stream Coding Sessions
to our SAP Devs YouTube channel and join us for our upcoming live stream coding sessions with SAP Developer Advocates covering a variety of topics.

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Check out the latest tutorials, code samples, product use cases, tools and SDKs, and sign up for free developer trials.

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