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Oracle’s Finance Playbook | Cohere’s CEO discusses GenAI

Oracle’s Finance Playbook | Cohere’s CEO discusses GenAI
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Playbook for Financial Excellence
The Oracle Playbook for Financial Excellence details how the company’s finance team achieved numerous big wins, including the ability to close the books and release earnings in less than 10 workdays, accelerating financial planning cycles by nearly 30%, slashing the time wasted on expense reports, and automating nearly 35% of the procure-to-pay process.

Looking ahead, Oracle’s finance team is now a predictive powerhouse—using data and sharing insights to help the company anticipate problems, plan for emerging opportunities, and prepare for unforeseen events.

We felt that sharing the Oracle finance team’s experiences and the lessons they’ve learned might help you face similar challenges, in the same way we learn from all our customers every day.
Cohere CEO discusses GenAI
Cohere CEO discusses GenAI
Aidan Gomez, generative AI pioneer and CEO of Cohere, discusses the intersection of LLMs and the enterprise and how Oracle is helping his company lead the way.
Supply chain transparency
Supply chain transparency
Consumers are eager to pledge their brand loyalty, and often it hinges on supply chain transparency. Learn the benefits of transparency and how technology can help you achieve it.
Healthcare predictions
Healthcare predictions
Listen to the latest podcast episode as we talk to Deloitte Consulting about healthcare predictions around industry clouds, AI adoption, burnout, consumerism, and more.

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Industry Success: Manufacturing
DEACERO cuts costs, increases sales
DEACERO cuts costs, increases sales
MTI accelerates global expansion
MTI accelerates global expansion
SOMFY Group boosts talent management
SOMFY Group boosts talent management
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