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March 2024 Compass

SAP SuccessFactors Administrator News & Resources - March 2024 Compass
SAP SuccessFactors Administrator News & Resources - March 2024 Compass SAP


March 2024 Compass Newsletter


Timely News & Helpful Resources




This edition includes 1H 2024 Release Resources, Admin Resources & more.





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Save the Date!




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1H 2024 Production Release is around the corner!

Learn more




2024 Release Dates

To prepare for 2024 Preview and Production Releases, make sure to regularly visit the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community Product Release and Roadmap Information page. Find updated release information assets as they are launched - What's New Viewer, Q&A Sessions, Release Highlights, and much more.

You can also subscribe to the SAP SuccessFactors Release newsletter for advanced notice of documentation, helpful resources, and timely updates. The Release Weekend dates are listed below. Note, that the upgrades will begin from late Friday night onwards, hence the Friday starting date is listed for each weekend.

1H 2024 Preview April 19-21 

1H 2024 Production May 17-19 

2H 2024 Preview October 18-20 

2H 2024 Production Nov 15-17 




Administrator Resources






Access Admin Training & SFX Accreditation exams Today!

Explore Administration product training, SFX Accreditation exams, and more in the SAP SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC) included with your SF subscription. SFALC is accessed through the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Corner. See the SFALC & SFX Quick Start Guide for instructions - explore training content and SFX exams today!




Automate multiple systems to reduce manual data entry during onboarding

Learn how SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Integration Suite and SAP Signavio solutions can help you streamline the new-hire onboarding process, eliminate potential human data errors, and provide faster time to value for new employees and a better employee onboarding experience.




Universal update on the latest Goal Management version - COMING IN 2024!

The Latest version of Goal Management has been in General Availability since the 1H 2023 Release.  This new experience provides users with a redesigned UI and an improved experience related to create and manage goals. In addition, we've introduced new functionality including integration with CPM and Dynamic Teams.

What's Changing: With the latest version now Generally Available, it will be made universal to all customers and the process of deprecating the legacy version will happen in 2 stages during 2024:

H1 = Universal upgrade, with opt-out

H2 = Universal Upgrade, no opt-out

Customers are advised to start planning now and upgrade their Goal Management now to carry out your 2024 cycle in the new version and not wait for the universal push!!!

To prepare for this, make sure to access the links below with information and tips!

Plans Underway to Make Latest Version of Goal Management Opt-Out in 1H 2024 & Universal 2H 2024

Upgrading to Latest Goal Management – Cycle Planning & Preparedness – Best Practice Approach

Frequently Asked Questions for Latest Goal Management... - SAP Community Groups

Implementing and Managing the Latest Goal Management - Support & Unsupported Features

Supported Elements and Attributes Comparison: Legacy vs Latest





281100 Earth R Green

The Latest Employee Central (EC) Global Benefits Experience Early Adopter Care Program

We are excited to announce the latest SAP SuccessFactors EC Global Benefits enrollment experience. This is an entirely new guided enrollment experience for defined enrollment periods such as an annual open enrollment or Special Enrollment Periods due to a work and life event.  For more details about this feature, please visit our customer community blog here.

On February 22nd, 2024, we will begin an Early Adopter Care (EAC) Program for customers who are interested in providing feature and user experience feedback to our Product Development Team.  As part of this EAC Program, customers will benefit from direct access to our PM Team to answer implementation and feature specific questions. This program is open to customers who are using insurance and savings benefit types only, and do not require custom fields, objects, or “On Change” rules. This EAC Program will run until June 30th, 2024.  If you are interested in joining our EAC Program, please email our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Simar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Succession & Development Adoption e-Book

We know that succession and development planning continues to be imperative for organizations to grow employee skills and plan for the future at scale. Check out the Adoption Playbook on SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development to learn about the solution features, functionality and access link's to demo's, best practices documentation, research and more.




Customer On Demand Provisioning for RMK and RPOS

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing and Recruiting Posting systems are no longer automatically provisioned. Instead, customers now have control over when these two modules are provisioned or made available for consultants to configure. Follow the steps in this guide page 33:  Onboarding Center Overview Presentation ( as well review KBA 3066901 - How to Start Provisioning for a cloud product - SAP for Me - SAP for Me




Explore Now

SAP for Me Launches New Reporting Tool

In addition to real-time data, SAP for Me now provides an interactive analytical reporting Customer Insights Dashboard. Launched on Sept 27, this gives you a holistic overview across your product portfolio, support entitlements, cases management, system landscape, and more to power the success of your SAP investment. More details in Support Portal and in this blog.




Calculate the financial benefits for your company when recommending learning paths with SAP SuccessFactors

SAP has created a tool that all customers can use to simulate their business context and calculate the financial benefit of using artificial intelligent in SAP SuccessFactors to recommend learnings to employees. Read this blog to learn more on the tool and find out what the benefit would be for you.

For more information please take a look at the following Blog!




Explore Now


282811 Engage R Purple

Visit the Updated Growth and Insights HR Research Library

The Growth and Insights HR Research Library has migrated to the SAP Community Page. What does the future of HR look like – and what are the hot topics today? Explore the latest human resource trends, research, and insights from HR transformation experts. Access the new page here.

2024 HR Trends: The Year of AI

How is the future of work evolving and are you ready for what’s next? Get an expert analysis of the top trends impacting HR from SAP’s HR research scientists. Read about what’s trending in the world of AI-enabled HR and learn how organizations are preparing and adapting to thrive in the rapidly changing world of work. Whitepaper | Video | Infographic | Presentation | More on the Growth and Insights HR Research Library…

Realizing Employee Potential

Growing skills gaps, elevated employee expectations, and the need for agile organizations are forcing organizations to rethink the future of employee potential. How can HR technology help organizations assess, understand, and realize employees’ potential? Check out the insights as well as the HR strategy and technology recommendations based on the research conducted by the SAP SuccessFactors Growth & Insights team.


Bringing the Whole Self Model to Life: Revolutionizing Employee Experience with the Talent Intelligence Hub

Discover how the whole self model can help encourage your employees to share more about themselves, including their preferences, aspirations, and styles. With the talent intelligence hub, you can capture and leverage whole self data to facilitate a reimagined employee experience. Check out the brochureSAP News Center article, and video – all found on the HR Research Library.


Exciting opportunity for YOU to influence SAP SuccessFactors business, product, and portfolio strategy

The behavioral scientists on the SAP SuccessFactors Growth & Insights team are now conducting interviews for the Sales Performance Management and Next Employee Experience research programs. If you would want to participate in a live 60-minute virtual interview, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Example research questions

How do you currently define EX in your organization? Which components of EX are led or influenced by HR? Which other functions influence EX and how?

What is your current approach to employee listening and measurement when it comes to EX? What EX metrics are you monitoring and to whom are they being reported? How are those results acted on? 

What role is technology playing in EX, including (1) impacting your workforce’s EX, (2) measuring your workforce’s EX, and/or (3) enabling interventions to improve your workforce’s EX? 

How do you see EX evolving in your organization, including a new term, definition, measurement approach, strategies, or initiatives to improve it, etc.? 

Where do you see the opportunity for technology to do something more or different in support of EX? 


Target personas for interviews

Senior HR Leaders responsible for People Strategy, People & Culture, or HR Strategy

Senior leaders responsible for Employee Experience or Employee Engagement

Senior leaders heading their organization's Employee Listening efforts




Implementation Resources





281244 Four Arrows R Purple

How to Select and Manage Your Implementation Partner

Choosing the right Implementation Partner is critical to the success of your project and your business. It is never too early to begin evaluating implementation partners. This newly updated guide 'How to Select and Manage your Partner Effectively' provides key considerations to follow when qualifying and selecting an SAP SuccessFactors (HXM) implementation partner.




Implementation Design Principles




Implementation Design Principles (IDPs) provide structured guidance and advice on how to address challenging customer requirements as well as frequently asked questions occurring during the design and implementation phases of project. IDPs deliver these best practices by means of documents created in collaboration with our top implementation partners and SAP`s services and further "verified" by product.


SAP SuccessFactors Stories in People Analytics: Enablement Configurations

This document provides initial and post-activation enablement configuration settings to ensure Story reports work seamlessly in your SAP SuccessFactors system. (Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Suite: Design and Implementation considerations for Role Based Permissions

The IDP has been revised to include a new section dedicated to RBP Troubleshooting scenarios and their solutions. A new sample flow chart for a typical governance model for carrying out RBP changes has been included as well (Read More…).



Employee Central: Processing Mass Transactions

This existing IDP is updated with scenarios of mass changes, which leveragesMass Data Management tools. Guidance on which tool can be best used in which scenario has been updated. A section on optimizing performance has also been added. (Read More…).



As the creation of Basic rules will be deprecated from 1H 2024 release (see announcement for more details), and new rules need to be created using application-specific rule scenarios, the below IDPs have been updated with application-specific rule scenarios to be used for all example rules within the document.

·       Employee Central: Manage Pay Scale Progression

·       Employee Central: Manage Payroll Relevant Data Changes

·       Employee Central: Managing Pay Scale Based Salary Increases

·       Employee Central: Managing Indirect Valuation of Pay Components 

·       SuccessFactors Employee Central Position Management: Design Considerations and Recommendations

·       Employee Central: Optimizing Business Rules for Select Business Scenarios



Employee Central: Managing Employments in SAP SuccessFactors Suite 

In this updated version, the existing IDP is revised to include the impact of multiple employments on Time, Benefits and Workzone (Read More…).



Employee Central: Employee Data Migration Strategy and Implementation Considerations 

The updated version of this IDP includes our latest recommendation on the pros and cons of switching on/off the Business Rules  in Employee Central during the initial data migration. (Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding: Role-Based Permission Guidance

This IDP has been updated with most recent H2 2023 release details including newly introduced permissions for compliance objects, custom & delegate tasks section as well as minor updates around the labels or additional description for existing permissions documented across (Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Integration: Migrating EC-ERP Productized Integrations from Dell Boomi to Cloud Integration

Significant numbers of remaining customers migrating from Dell Boomi to SAP Integration Suite has not been seen, so we are depreciating this IDP. The IDP will remain available for 6 more months before we finally delete it. This deletion includes deletion of related webinar recording and webinar slides.


Employee Central Core Hybrid: Migrating Contingent Workforce to EC 

This IDP is being deprecated by June 2024. The contingent worker integration from SAP HCM to Employee Central is not an SAP Standard functionality and it does not have many customer implementations as noted from the IDP download numbers. This deprecation includes deletion of related webinar recording and webinar slides.


SAP SuccessFactors Suite: Identity & Access Management

This revision covers multiple updates impacting functionalities across the product suite. It includes the product changes with Identity Services itself, the corresponding impact on SuccessFactors functionalities like Onboarding of external hires & others. The document is updated with comprehensive references to implement Identity Services effectively with SuccessFactors and deprecated information has been removed(Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Talent Intelligence Hub: Implementation Considerations

The revised document involves a strategic separation from the previous version, where both Opportunity Marketplace and Talent Intelligence Hub topics were integrated. With a focus on the latest 2H 2023 release, this document is designed to present a comprehensive perspective of the key updates on the product. It delves into necessary configuration pre-requisites, functionalities, and troubleshooting insights for effectively implementing the SAP SuccessFactors Talent Intelligence Hub solution (Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace: Implementation Considerations

This document provides configuration prerequisites, functionalities, and troubleshooting tips specific to SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace implementation in the context of the latest 2H 2023 release (Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Suite: Onboarding Rehire Process 

This revision focuses on the latest 2H 2023 release key updates, which include the support for legal entity transfer-related scenarios, change in feature labels and adjusting the existing workarounds section to it make consistent with latest product release (Read More…).



Extending cross-system workflow for SAP SuccessFactors

This document describes how customers/partners can extend the cross-system workflow for the SAP SuccessFactors solution to introduce additional phases and actions. For example, it can provide a seamless process orchestration from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to a 3rd party payroll system (Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: Guide to Leveraging Job Requisition OData APIs

This IDP has been updated to reflect the inclusion of entitlement of SAP Build Process Automation with SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone license. SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone now contains integration (Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: Guide to Leveraging Candidate and Job Application OData APIs

This IDP has been updated to reflect the inclusion of entitlement of SAP Build Process Automation with SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone license. SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone now contains integration (Read More…).



Employee Central Core Hybrid: Data and Process Distribution Strategy 

This existing IDP is updated with the strategy for Payslip, including references (Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking: Clock In Clock Out and Integration Configuration Considerations

The IDP document provides an overview of Clock In Clock Out functionality which is part of SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking product along with configuration recommendations and troubleshooting tips. In addition, it also details the integration scenarios and patterns with 3rd party clock vendors (Read More…).



SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone: Migration and Implementation Considerations

This IDP has been updated to reflect the inclusion of entitlement of SAP Build Process Automation with SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone license. SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone now contains integration with SAP Build Process Automation and the IDP provides the details of the updated booster using which customers/partners can enable SAP Build Process Automation (Read More…).





Virtual Events




Fast-track your HR journey to the cloud with SAP partners

Discover how SAP and our global network of partners can support you on your journey from SAP ERP HCM to SAP SuccessFactors. Hear firsthand from the experts as they share their experiences, practical insights, and real-world case studies on how organizations worldwide have successfully made their move to HR in the cloud.

When: Thursday, May 16th | 11:00 am – 11:45 am ET  

What: Live presentation and Q&A 

Key topics that will be discussed include:


Building the business case for cloud


Best practices for avoiding common pitfalls and how to mitigate risk


Tools and services available to enable a smooth transition to SAP SuccessFactors


Save my Spot






288193 Digital Finance Transformation And Coo Org Transformation 1 R Purple

SAP SuccessFactors - The Road to Adoption Series

Are you ready to transform your business?

Transforming your business with cloud technology like SAP SuccessFactors calls for a paradigm shift in the way you work, think, plan, and execute. This is an exciting and rewarding journey, which requires the right strategy, effort, and investments to get all your people on the same page. Collaboration across different teams and experts is essential to ensure a successful project and achieve desired outcomes.

for our HR transformation webinar series to better understand how organizations are making changes to empower employees and drive successful business outcomes. This session is designed to equip you with action items to drive your organization’s transformation most effectively and avoid common pitfalls, followed by Q&A at the end. Visit this blog to look at the APJ and Americas friendly schedule and register for the event.

Other Offerings: SAP HXM Customer Onboarding s



Customer Onboarding Monthly Series - SAP SuccessFactors (HXM)


New to SAP SuccessFactors? Join us for our globally friendly, monthly customer onboarding webinar session. Learn about the tools and resources that will keep you up to date and successful.


Join Onboarding Series






Rethinking the Role of HR to Find Your Competitive Edge

Join Josh Bersin, one of HR’s top thought leaders, for a lively discussion on the latest HR trends and transformative strategies for growth and success. Josh is renowned for his research and insights on global talent markets, HR practices, and workplace technology trends. 

When: Thursday, March 21st | 1p.m. EST  

What: Live presentation and Q&A  

Presenter: Josh Bersin, HR Analyst & Thought Leader    

In this exclusive, live webcast, you’ll learn how to:  

Transform your HR function into a strategic, dynamic powerhouse: significantly boosting your organization's competitiveness. 

Unlock the secrets to reducing costs and risks by creating synergy between HR and Finance. 

Discover how embracing new operating models and innovative HR technology can help your organization to compete and grow. 



Save my Spot >>





For a summary of product or process related training, virtual webinars, and opportunities to influence product features, please check out and subscribe to the SAP SuccessFactors Events & s page and subscribe to our monthly Events Newsletter.





User Community

Customer User Group Meetings

Don't miss our upcoming Customer User Group meetings.  Each session features a Customer Spotlight, Subject Matter Expert discussions on topics you choose, and an opportunity for peer customers to share experiences, ideas, and best practices in a collaborative environment. Be sure to register and build your network today!

The Learning User Group meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 11 AM EST. To find out more and receive meeting invitations, request more information in our Groups area on the Customer Community.


SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone User Group Meeting 

Our SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone User Group will provide you with an opportunity to connect with peer customers, hear from experts and listen to a Customer Spotlight. In this session, our customer EY will tell the story of their Work Zone implementation and use cases.

Wednesday, March 28 – 10:00 AM EST

Registration link: Registration




Innovation Alerts




Prepare for feature migrations and deprecations which require additional change management and communication.

Check out our SAP SuccessFactors Innovation Alerts Dashboard in the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Corner in SAP Community! For details around navigating in the SAP Community, check out our video.


281267 Monitor Bar Graph R Green

Impact of third party cookies deprecation on SAP SuccessFactors

Google has announced their intention of phasing out the third-party cookies support in their Chrome browsers in Q3 2024. Due to the deprecation of third-party cookies, there could be impact on the single sign-on and iFrame embedding functionalities. 

Please read the Updated blog SAP SuccessFactors Third Party Cookies and Common Super Domain Rollout on SAP Customer Community blog.

We are offering Customer/Partner Open Office Hours weekly. You can find the registration for the open office hours in the blog post.


281262 Customer Engagem2 R Blue

Migration to SAP Cloud Identity Authentication (IAS/IPS)

SAP SuccessFactors customers using a Corporate IDP solution or Basic Authentication must move to SAP Cloud Identity Authentication (IAS/IPS). Ensure you understand the impact to your organization and the timeline to migrate to IAS/IPS. to the Innovation Alert for details: Migration to SAP Cloud Identity Authentication (IA... - SAP Community Groups

Open Office Hours sessions will be hosted through the SAP Learning hub – Registration for new sessions can be found here. This information will also be available on the customer community blog.

Prior to attending the open office hours, we recommend watching this introduction video which is an overview of SAP Cloud Identity Authentication topic that was shared during the open office call. View video here. 


281132 Stop Watch R Blue

Onboarding 1.0 End of Life Announcement 1H 2026 - Customer Open Office Hours Available to Customers

As previously communicated Onboarding 1.0 will reach the End of Maintenance in 2H 2025 and Deprecation as of 1H 2026. For more information, please review our Customer Community blog -Onboarding 1.0 Transformation and Deprecation Announcement.  The newest version of SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, focuses on integrating people, process, and technology to create modern engaging and efficient onboarding journeys that nurture talent and drive long-term success.

We are encouraging our SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 customers to begin actively planning for their move to the new solution.

Onboarding 1.0 Transformation Open Office Hours are available once a month. You an find the links to the Open Office registration on the Customer Community blog.

To help prepare for a successful Onboarding 1.0 transformation, we are holding open office hours, held the third Tuesday of the month, for customers and partners to talk to experts and ask any transformation-related questions. Please join us as needed to support your transformation journey.

Registration links for the sessions can be found on the Customer Community post - Onboarding 1.0 Resources and Transformation Info


281018 Light Bulb R Blue

Latest Goals Management 1H 2024 Opt Out Release

Our latest version of Goals Management was moved to General Availability with the 1H 2023 release.
As we plan the path to Universal rollout with the 2H 2024 release, we are taking the next step of moving
a subset of Goals customers to the new functionality via Opt-Out release with our 1H 2024 release.  We encourage all customers to review the content on the new functionalities and latest changes via the Customer Community Blog.

Please read the additional information on the Customer Community Blog about those customers using Job Description Manager (JDM) and have not migrated to Talent Intelligence Hub (TIH) that will be excluded from the Latest Goals Management 1H 2024 and 2H 2024 Releases.


281084 Megaphone R Blue


AI Learning Recommendations Now Available!

AI Recommendations are now available in the new Integrated Learning Experience with the 2H 2023 release. 

SAP is doing a staggering rollout of the feature by data center. If you are interested in enabling AI in Learning as soon as the feature is available in your data center, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know.


284181 Cookie Cutter R Blue

Stay Atop Innovation

For an overview of all active initiatives, please visit and subscribe to the SAP SuccessFactors Community Innovation Alerts Dashboard.

2024: First Half

DRTM Audit Data Purge Deprecation and Transition to BTP Audit Log Service in 1H 2024

Legacy Continuous Performance Management Retirement 1H 2024

Legacy Microsoft Teams App Deprecation

Deprecation of Pay Statement (Fiori-like) Integration and Migration to Pay Statement (Direct) 1H 2024

Future Innovations

Adapting OData V2 APIs for Time Profile and Work Schedule in Time Management

Employee Central Payroll Pay Statement (Fiori-like) Integration Deprecation

Learning External User Migration to SAP Cloud Identity Authentication (IAS)

Time Management Holiday Class Transition

SAP Jam Sunset - January 2027


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