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50 years of relational database success | Oracle Playbook: HR Excellence

50 years of relational database success | Oracle Playbook: HR Excellence
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50 years of relational database success
A lot has changed since the early days of enterprise computing, but after 50 years the relational database is still the preferred way of organizing, administering, analyzing, distributing, and sharing critical business data.

Critical to its success is its inherent adaptability. Now it’s packed with generative AI and support for retrieval augmented generation. When Oracle rolled out Database 23c —Developer Release six months before the official launch, it was an intentional move to give developers a head start on building new modern data-driven apps.

Read more from John Foley, editor of Cloud Database Report, as he sheds light on why relational databases are still so important.
Oracle Playbook for HR Excellence
Oracle Playbook: HR Excellence
Learn how Oracle’s HR team has maximized the efficiency and effectiveness of its processes for hiring, developing, and retaining its top talent.
What is big data?
What is big data?
Learn how to use massive, complex data to solve some of your most challenging business problems.
We need more women in tech
We need more women in tech
Listen to the latest episode of Oracle Academy Tech Chat as our experts talk about inspiring young women to pursue STEM careers and leadership roles.

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Industry Success: Health
Hospital cuts AR, boosts cash flow
Hospital cuts AR, boosts cash flow
Health system wins prestigious award
Health system wins prestigious award
Cancer specialist saves costs and time
Cancer specialist saves costs and time
Hands-on tech
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