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New Brew: Sapporo Taps into Social Marketing

Cloud Leader, Week of May 30, 2016 | Web View
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Editor's Note
Aaron Lazenby
Sapporo Gets Results with Social Marketing
Traveling the world to talk with Oracle customers has always been one of my favorite things about my job. But my visit to Sapporo Breweries' Tokyo headquarters this spring definitely tops the list. I got to share stories (and glasses of beer) with two experts in social and content marketing who helped reshape Sapporo's marketing organization to meet the demands of these new practices.

Their foray into social media marked a transformation of marketing strategy at the company, refocusing tactics around direct, personal interaction with customers. They jumped in if Sapporo products were criticized on Twitter, for example, and found customers welcomed the engagement. Today Sapporo's social and content marketing efforts are delivering results: driving new revenue, providing market insights to product development, and building relationships with beer fans. Read more in Sapporo Brews New Beers—and New Customers—with Social and Marketing Cloud Ingredients.
—By Aaron Lazenby, editor in chief of Profit
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How Oracle Created a Better Cloud Buying Experience
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Western Union's Big Payoff
Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) executives moved to Oracle Marketing Cloud to drive higher-quality leads into the sales cycle, close them more efficiently, and directly attribute revenue to marketing campaigns. "Everybody is working hard, but now they can use data to know whether they're working smart," WUBS CMO Nick Cerise says. Learn more about how WUBS transformed its B2B marketing strategy.
A Practical Guide for Transformation in a Huge Company
As Oracle makes a generational technology shift to cloud computing, it uses a four-step process for transformation: simplify, standardize, centralize, automate. Loren Mahon, a vice president driving that process, shares her advice for making that process work, including forcing teams to share information in new ways. "I look at my team as a silo buster," Mahon says in this article.
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Cloud Innovator
Edouard Leeuwenburg
How T-Mobile Netherlands Learned from a PR Crisis
When an influential customer used social media to denounce T-Mobile Netherlands's customer service, the Dutch wireless carrier faced a PR crisis. But company leaders used this crisis to abandon many traditional business practices—including how they measured contact center performance. "We encouraged our service staff to break every convention and challenge the status quo in any way possible," says Edouard Leeuwenburg, of T-Mobile Netherlands. Learn how the company now uses Oracle Service Cloud as its knowledgebase, helping the company nurture customer forums and helping agents capture and share feedback from the company's product pages, social pages, and contact center.
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