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Larry Ellison: Oracle Has 2 Focus Points for Year Ahead

Cloud Leader, Week of June 27, 2016 |  Web View
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Chris Murphy
Strategy for All 3 Pillars of the Cloud
Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison zeroed in on two points of focus for the company as it enters its fiscal year 2017: Grow Oracle's cloud software and platform businesses at double the rate of its closest competitors, and use "generation two" of the company's high-performance data centers to become an even more formidable player in cloud infrastructure. "We're growing fast in SaaS. We're growing fast in PaaS. Now we need to grow fast in infrastructure as a service," Ellison said on Oracle's Q4 FY 2016 earnings call on June 16.

In SaaS and PaaS, Oracle plans to drive growth with a broader product line than its major cloud competitors and by reaching a new swath of midmarket companies. In IaaS, Oracle plans to use its new data centers to gain a performance advantage. Read more about Ellison's view on each of these three pillars of cloud computing—SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS—and how they complement one another.
—Chris Murphy, director of cloud content at Oracle
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Tiny Werkbank Wants to Help Big Banks Avoid Fintech Disruption  
Tiny Werkbank Wants to Help Big Banks Avoid Fintech Disruption
The strategy at Werkbank, a two-person consulting firm, is to sell large financial institutions on a new application that authenticates data, such as transactions, using many of the same mechanisms as blockchain. Why did Werkbank choose Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service for application development? "If you go to larger customers and you want to show your product, Oracle gives you a certain added value," says cofounder Thomas Vogelbacher. Learn more.
Mind Meld: The Best Way to Get into Your Customers' Heads
To reach customers quickly with the right messages, "marketers need technology that can orchestrate engagement across both digital and human touchpoints," says Andrea Ward, vice president of marketing for Oracle Marketing Cloud. "So they need something that can automate interactions but also respond to data that a system is capturing in real time." Read more of her advice about how cloud-based technology can help marketers better connect with customers.
Why Independent Software Vendors Are Making the Leap to the Cloud
More ISVs are making the leap from being an on-premises provider to offering a pay-as-you-go cloud model. Their new customers want fast implementations without big up-front expense. And some prefer a hybrid setup, in which they can keep their enterprise applications on-premises and provide a cloud-based mobile front end. "Our competitors are on-premises only or software-as-a-service only. We can offer the two options, and that's really, really important," says Opencell CEO David Meyer. Read more.
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Cloud Innovator
Fintech Startup on Fast Track with Peer-to-Peer Lending Service  
Fintech Startup on Fast Track with Peer-to-Peer Lending Service
When Alan Burns, the CTO and cofounder of financial technology company PeerPay, was looking to buy a database to underpin the peer-to-peer lending platform the company was developing, the last thing he wanted was a long, complicated contract process. Burns, a longtime Oracle Database user, chose Oracle Database Cloud Service as the lending platform's production environment for two main reasons: data security and ease of implementation. A bonus was the fast contracting turnaround time: Minutes to get the contract sent and approved and hours for the database service to be set up. Learn more about how Oracle's Accelerated Buying Experience makes it fast and easy to purchase Oracle Cloud services.
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